Books from my heart to yours

In this book, the Sun and Sunflower give each other life and bring each other happiness. See how we need our friends . . .

In this yarn for the young-at-heart, enjoy following a character who can become anything at all. See how our choices spin our life stories.

This book allows us to see how getting to know the earth may help us discover how special we are.

This fantastic tale of dancing songs, growing candies, laughing smiles, and tickling hand-trees reveals that our future is ours to imagine and create.

Bilingual (English / Spanish) Get Well book designed to bring patients color and joy.

In hard cover or paperback, this book journeys into Guinevere's changing world as she seeks to find her own authenticity and stature.

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Stories, like dreams, give us ideas for imagining our own lives forward. My books (below) are designed to inspire and entertain the young and young-at-heart.